missing in action

Whoops! My great intentions for this new blog have not yet been realised. Still, now we have a desk (my old, enormous, rimu one - it, too, was missing in action, somewhere in deepest darkest Rotorua), a comfy office chair and the lovely imac, there's no excuse. Unless a gorgeous and very distracting 3-month-old baby counts as an excuse. Read more »

one month in...

getting curiousgetting curiousHard to believe that our wee babe is already a month old, and is now (only just) supposed to be born - yesterday was my due date. We're slowly learning about each other, and Calum's taking an increasing interest in the world around him too (he now opens more than one eye at a time).

baby names

One of the most momentous recent decisions we had to make - what to call our child. After all, he (or just as possible at decision time, she) would have to live with it for the rest of his/her life. His nickname in the womb was Horace (thanks dad) and we quickly ruled out Chuck as a possibility - no, personalised shoes were not a strong enough selling point. I quite liked Cameron until I discovered it meant "crooked nose". Weird spellings were out, no random Ys thanks. Although the spelling Calum's ended up with (on which I was insistent, as the Leodhsach way to spell the name) is not apparently standard. I guess he'll forever be "Calum with one L". Point of difference, I guess. Read more »

busy busy

not much time for blogging right now...nappies, laundry, feeding, cuddles and moving house are keeping us pretty busy.   I'll try to keep the pics coming, though, for those who are interested in babies!

a whole new life

I don't live in EH10 any more - haven't for some time - so it's time for a new home online too. Here 'tis.

The other significant new thing in my life is our gorgeous wee babe, Calum. Here he is (more pics in the gallery).

He made an unexpectedly early appearance a few weeks ago, a whole 5 weeks ahead of schedule. We were measuring up his room in our new house (which we still don't move into for another week) when he decided to move things along... Read more »

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