missing in action

Whoops! My great intentions for this new blog have not yet been realised. Still, now we have a desk (my old, enormous, rimu one - it, too, was missing in action, somewhere in deepest darkest Rotorua), a comfy office chair and the lovely imac, there's no excuse. Unless a gorgeous and very distracting 3-month-old baby counts as an excuse.

Since I last checked in, lots has happened. Lots of laundry, especially. And in Auckland, lots of rain. Not a great combination. Calum is perfecting his power poo at the moment. It's a formidable weapon, against which nappies offer no protection. The result is an average of 3 outfit changes per day, and I'm hoping it's a phase. That's a phrase I use a lot at the moment!

There's fun stuff, too. Grins from ear to ear, gurgles and coos to melt the hardest of hearts. Discovering your feet (lucky my stomach doesn't bruise easily). In fact, discovering new things every day.

We also had a party - a splendid all-day brunch affair, surrounded by 30 or so of our nearest and dearest, to welcome Calum and the furniture (from Edinburgh), warm the house and celebrate my birthday. That was a whole month ago now, but it feels like last weekend. Time itself is missing in action, somewhere between Sundays.