baby names

One of the most momentous recent decisions we had to make - what to call our child. After all, he (or just as possible at decision time, she) would have to live with it for the rest of his/her life. His nickname in the womb was Horace (thanks dad) and we quickly ruled out Chuck as a possibility - no, personalised shoes were not a strong enough selling point. I quite liked Cameron until I discovered it meant "crooked nose". Weird spellings were out, no random Ys thanks. Although the spelling Calum's ended up with (on which I was insistent, as the Leodhsach way to spell the name) is not apparently standard. I guess he'll forever be "Calum with one L". Point of difference, I guess.

It's lucky we didn't go with Mungo - which I thought would be OK, to be named after the patron saint of Glasgow, my old home town. David Heywood hates it!

What goes wrong with people's brains when they have a baby? I knew a
perfectly normal couple who announced that they were planning to call
their son
Mungo. Even prison isn't sufficient punishment for people like that.

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